About Me

About Me

I am Amber, an entrepreneur and creative who enjoys sharing my experiences.

Mackenzie Madison of Philadelphia by Amber Bowie
Mackenzie Madison of Philadelphia
Affirmations Shirt from MMofPhilly
Amber Bowie owner of Mackenzie Madison of Philadelphia and MM & Co Print Shop

Hi! My name is Amber Bowie and I am an entrepreneur, wife, mother, and creative. I own Mackenzie Madison of Philadelphia (also known as MMofPhilly), a handmade children’s clothing boutique and MM & Co Print Shop, where I am able to share and help fellow business owners in the apparel decorating field.

While studying fashion marketing and graphic design at The Art Institute of Philadelphia, I realized I had a desire to be my own boss. In 2015, after giving birth to my second daughter who was born with a congenital heart defect, I decided to go full force and give my dreams of owning a clothing brand a chance.  Nearly 10 years. later, MMofPhilly continues to grow creating opportunities to explore other artistic avenues of success. 

I began MM & Co Print Shop during the COVID-19 pandemic after sharing a video on TikTok that when viral. Many of my followers were interested in our apparel decorating process while others were interested in purchasing their own custom transfers.

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